Make Nice Money Online – Getting Started.

 I am happy that you have managed to find your way to my site, because this is where you will  be able to benefit from my personal knowledge and experience of internet marketing which  I would like to share with you, and which will help you in your own efforts to make money online.  You won’t find any hype or fluff here on this site: just good quality information and advice which is primarily intended to guide and help you in your own journey to online success.

Before you read any further however, let me give you a few words of grim and dire  warning about one particularly dangerous distraction you are likely to encounter online – something known as “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  This will put you risk of  wasting obscene amounts of your time and money on chasing fantasies peddled by Dream sellers that will never make you rich. Before you know it, 6 months will have passed and you will be much lighter in pocket and no further forward than you are right now!!  Shiny Object Syndrome is without a doubt the most common reason why 95% of people fail to make any money online!  Please believe me when I say that it can be all too easy to get caught up in time wasting distractions and Hype on the internet,  A great many marketers are very adept and slick at stealing our time and focus, but the sad truth is that  most of them do not have your best interests in mind.

One thing I can assure  you of  is that I will never recommend any product or service  to you unless I have already had personal experience of it beforehand, and found  it to be of exceptionally good quality and value, and have been able to satisfy myself  that it really works.  Only then will I consider it to be  truly worthy of your valuable time and attention.

Several things to keep in mind at all times about building and growing a successfulonline business is to always remember that you are dealing with real people, and to always market to them ethically and honestly.

My own good name and personal reputation absolutely depend on everything I am publicly stating here (and in any case, I would rather starve before I would ever stick my neck out to  recommend or promote crap or garbage to anyone online)  and it is of paramount importance to me that people should alwaysfeel able to put their trust in me both as a person and as an online marketer,  and to see me  as being one of the more ethical and honest marketers out here on the Internet.   My wish is for people to understand that this is  far more important to me than any amount of money could ever be.   And that is precisely why I will never recommend anything or try to sell or promote anything to any of my followers, subscribers or readers that is of poor or questionable quality or value.

Just a quick note here to explain something which you may be interested to know:  I have only just fairly recently created this site, and what you may find particularly surprising is that I have already been able to get this site ranked – for a fairly competitive search phrase –  in  the “coveted” number one spot (on page one) of  all the major search engines (in their unpaid organic search results).

Here is what Chris Farrell (voted  No. 1  internet marketing service on had to say about this site :-

“I have taken at look at your word-press blog - It has a nice clean feel to it. Good work on getting ranked for your chosen keyword on Google”. “I did a quick test on Google and it is amazing to see that you are sitting there at the top!”

NUMBER ONE Sir!!!! ”

“This is a good platform for you to build on…..and it proves that you can rank on the first page of Google”

This is one piece of praise that I am particularly proud of, coming from a real authority in our particular area of interest:  Making money online.

I actually joined Chris Farrell’s  membership site myself in December 2009, and I have been subscribing to this  ever since.  The cost of a subscription for new members is $37 per month, but you can test-drive your membership for 7 days for just $4.95  (which can be instantly cancelled at any time by clicking a special button for that purpose right there on his membership site).   As far as I am aware, once anyone joins this membership, they never seem to find or see any reason to cancel, but the option is always there, and will always be  instantly effective  if anyone ever wants to use it.  One of the many benefits in joining this membership is unlimited FREE webhosting for an unlimited number of domains/websites for each member.  Chris Farrell is by far one of the most  honest and reputable internet marketers that I personally know at first hand out there, which is why I can’t recommend him highly enough, and his teaching-skills in showing people how they can make money online step-by-step are absolutely second to none.    (At the bottom of this page is a small banner which will actually take you straight  to his membership site in a new window (through my affiliate link, if you are ok with that) if you should  want to check out his site directly for yourself).

In a nutshell, making money online esentially begins with building a list (of your own subscribers) by giving them something of quality and value for FREE – or even better still - possibly a  FEW good things of value for free.   Let’s just be 100% clear about one thing here: (Because this is really important, and could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long term): There is simply NO “Magic Button” and NO “Magic Bullet” to ‘Instant Internet Wealth’ or to ‘Overnight Pushbutton Online Riches’, and if anyone tries to convince you or get you to believe that  there is, then they are  lying to you.  They are trying to sell you a Fantasy. It just doesn’t work like that! It takes a certain amount of time and WORK (and also a small or very modest investment to put everything you need in place to make money online, but the good news is that it can be done, even on a very low budget, and once you start to put the work and the effort into it, then it’s really not that difficult at all!   You need to FOCUS on something specific and not jump  around aimlessly from one product or system to the next, otherwise you can end up being ‘online’ for years and end up never really getting anywhere with it!  I had to find that out for myself  the hard way!

As time continues to pass, I will be concentrating on adding some really good content and value to this site, to make it as interesting and as worthwhile as I possibly can for you all to be able enjoy and benefit from, so that you will want to keep coming back here time and time again.   So, if you just keep checking back here on a regular basis (as this site truly is a work-in-progress), then I will always be more than thrilled to have you here, and to even be able to welcome you aboard if you want to stick around for the “long haul”.   Finally, thank you kindly and sincerely for stopping by.

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