Finding Niches and Buyers, and Making Money

One of the most difficult areas to understand, for the new Internet Marketer, is in finding a suitable niche (market segment) and then being able to profit from it. There can be real problems and challenges along the way, which you will never be readily or openly told about in any sales copy on any sales  page relating  to any kind of get rich quick product or system anywhere on the internet, problems such as intensively fierce competition, heavy oversaturation, “freebie seekers” or browsers (non-buyers) and even total time wasters (or tyre-kickers) who are only ever looking for something for nothing.

This is all in direct contrast to what can be on the other side of the coin, where you can benefit from factors such as genuinely interested buyers, seasonal trends, different types of customers in different age groups with differing incomes and interests (demographics), finding the best prices to charge, and so on. Even on which day of the week is the best time to make an offer can vary from one market to the next.

Market research starts with finding a ready source of buyers for a product or service. It can be relatively easy to attract people to a source of information if it’s free. Driving hungry buyers (with plenty of  readily disposable cash to spend) to an offer they can’t resist, is  an art that takes knowledge, practice and experience. This all begins with locating and pin-pointing active and hungry buyers. Be careful never to make the mistake of trying to sell something that people don’t even really want in the first place!  Always go to wherever people are already spending money and tempt them to spend some more.

A good starting place for a beginner or even for an advanced user looking to grow their business even more is with those people who are desperate to find a solution for their problem.  For example, people who suffer from recurring outbreaks of unsightly looking facial acne; people who are struggling to pay their bills, and looking to make an extra income online;  people who need to lose a lot of weight; lonely hearts who are desperate to find a partner or a mate;  self-improvement courses (to overcome things like procrastination, or lack of self-discipline) and so on.

If you can find a really good affiliate program, product or service that caters to any of these  markets, or even better still, even create your own, then you have a winning formula for a “niche market” that will pay you alot of money for your solution to their problem.  Keep in mind that all of these people are experiencing distress or anguish and are hurting inwardly because of their problem and they are desperate to just find a solution that works; or they may even be just plain greedy or lazy enough to want to make a quick and easy profit from something requiring very little work, and so they are all emotionally driven to spend their money on trying to fix these things right now!

The most vitally important thing you need to be able to do with this type of desperate market is to make sure that you can and DO deliver the goods, or, even better still, that you can even over deliver on your promises to them, and then you will have happy customers who will want to refer other people to you by word-of-mouth, or even via your own affiliate program for your product or service.

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